Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alcohol and Violence The real issues behind it

It would seem that we are finally starting to have the debate about alcohol and violence - the real debate that is - not the one about how kids today are drinking too much - that not a debate its a fact. The one about how is that today when young people get pissed they want to thump someone when in earlier days everybody just went home or to bed (not necessarily in that order)
The real issues behind this are many and they include the uncertainty of young men and where their position is - what they are expected to do - say - feel etc - they are constantly told by the mothers they can’t climb a tree, play football without a helmet, run naked down a street - in essence they are told they behave more like girls and discuss every little thing on their minds and to express their emotions (in other words boys today don’t know whether they should be boys or girls - they are uncertain and need something to reaffirm to themselves their place in things)- they can however spend hours after hour watching and playing increasingly violent video games (but wait the government says there is no evidence that violence in the media has any affect on the actions of those who watch - what a lot of absolute crap - of course it does - the same way a soldier becomes desensitised to war, injury and death - if you do it long enough soon it loses its meaning - you become numb).
They also include the failure of the government and the judiciary of dealing with violence perpetrated whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs - defence lawyers actually use this now as a mitigating factor in order to get a reduction in sentence - particularly against law enforcement officers - what a joke that is - touch one of those guys and i say throw the book at them
Governments need to put in place multiple layer packages of both harsher penalties, increased 'in your face' marketing programs, parent education programs and celebrity marketing (the one things marketers do when they want to sell something is to put a famous face behind it - why not do the same to market against violence - doesn't seems like rocket science does it)

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