Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alcohol and Violence The real issues behind it

It would seem that we are finally starting to have the debate about alcohol and violence - the real debate that is - not the one about how kids today are drinking too much - that not a debate its a fact. The one about how is that today when young people get pissed they want to thump someone when in earlier days everybody just went home or to bed (not necessarily in that order)
The real issues behind this are many and they include the uncertainty of young men and where their position is - what they are expected to do - say - feel etc - they are constantly told by the mothers they can’t climb a tree, play football without a helmet, run naked down a street - in essence they are told they behave more like girls and discuss every little thing on their minds and to express their emotions (in other words boys today don’t know whether they should be boys or girls - they are uncertain and need something to reaffirm to themselves their place in things)- they can however spend hours after hour watching and playing increasingly violent video games (but wait the government says there is no evidence that violence in the media has any affect on the actions of those who watch - what a lot of absolute crap - of course it does - the same way a soldier becomes desensitised to war, injury and death - if you do it long enough soon it loses its meaning - you become numb).
They also include the failure of the government and the judiciary of dealing with violence perpetrated whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs - defence lawyers actually use this now as a mitigating factor in order to get a reduction in sentence - particularly against law enforcement officers - what a joke that is - touch one of those guys and i say throw the book at them
Governments need to put in place multiple layer packages of both harsher penalties, increased 'in your face' marketing programs, parent education programs and celebrity marketing (the one things marketers do when they want to sell something is to put a famous face behind it - why not do the same to market against violence - doesn't seems like rocket science does it)

Carbon Tax The Great Distraction

The Carbon Tax - the great distraction
Call me a conspiratorialist (is that a word) but it seems to be there are some questions that need to be answered (not the meaning of life)- if you were a government that was having trouble managing the economy, education, health, the size of the public service (in fact when you think about it everything) would you tackle something that every country in the world is virtually ignoring Global warming. Lets introduce a Carbon Tax for the good of the planet – don’t worry that all the primary issues within our country are simply not being attended to effectively – don’t worry that we have 40,000 people with nowhere to sleep, thousands of Australians who can’t get adequate and timely hospital care, an education system that rewards mediocrity and spends most of its time preparing for Naplan etc etc, lets just have a crack at Global warming – let’s just show those yanks and Chinese a thing or 2

Nope i think i have got it wrong it’s got naff all to do with aiming too high its got everything to do with if we spend our time and everyone else’s talking about one Holy Grail or another no one will notice we are not doing anything else (standard government practice 101) No one will notice we give away 4 boat people and get 4000 back – don’t the Indonesians love us now - and while we are at we will throw a couple of hundred Billion dollars at a communication network that will be obsolete by the time it gets to WA (and by the way why is it given governments - of all persuasions - lack of credibility when it comes to estimating what something is going to cost - by say 200% - that no one questions them as to the legitimacy of the original quote or holds them accountable to it?

Thats what governments do - they concentrate on talking about things that cant be achieved (or shouldn't be) - about what great crusaders they are for the common man or the good of the planet or for the plight of the down trodden (not ours mind you just everyone else on the planet) rather than actually getting the business of government right and helping to ensure those that need help/assistance get it

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Julia has moved into Disneyland not the Lodge

Here we go – first I told you so
Gillard’s new policy on boat people – what a joke - was this mentioned in their ‘hard nosed’ policy during the campaign – I think not – 1500 single men in a camp they can walk out of – sounds like just plain stupidity to me but hey what would I know I’m just an old guy with standards and morals who apparently just doesn’t get it, who thinks that perhaps our old people – that’s older than me- and other under privileged who are fast being left behind deserve some consideration – at the very least they deserve what these ‘Johnny come latelys’ are getting – housing, school uniforms, disproportionate services) – it seems to me Bob Brown’s (is that his name) has got his hand up the back of her blouse

Why doesn’t someone ask her about the 10% of our existing citizens living under the poverty line and why we spending hundreds (thats right Hundreds) of millions of dollars on non Australians instead of existing ones???
At the very least Abbott would stop this crap

I truly think our politicians live in Disneyland – I wonder whether Walt would approve – bet not

I would love to be at dinner and get some meaningful answers from these prats across the table – at the very least I would not do what every media person on the planet seems to do – ask them a question and sit politely while the Polly doesn’t bloody well answer it – what is it with that – are they part of their paid work force or perhaps angling for a future position is the Labor party’s media swarm

And whilst I am on the issue of Bob Brown (and the greens – do they have anyone in their party – apart from Bob – who is over the age of 12?) with all his care for refugees where are his concerns for those of us already here – damn well nonexistent – I am quite sure it would be an interesting discussion if an older ex army vet fronted this twat and asked him why he and his children’s children can’t get the services others are getting – now that I would watch on one of the fast growing expert panel in front of bleeding hearts shows on the ABC where they all wax lyrically about doing the ‘right thing’ but no one mentions who is paying for it, or the unfairness of it or the realities of what is happening overseas – see France, Germany, the UK the list is growing daily – I bet old Bob would go to water faster than the water down that famous river in Tasmania

And speaking of 12 yr old politicians – I did note with some chagrin that the young tacker recently elected (18,19,20 – who cares way to young) somewhere over there on the east coast – with 15 minutes of life experience – is in fact not supposed to be there – his election is unconstitutional – it would seem we just ignore the rules more and more – apart from the fact they should probably change the rules how the hell did his application get through the electoral commission?
You all have a good day now

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Akermanis tragedy

I have noted this latest triumph of team over individual with some bemusement and some sadness - I have expressed in the past my disappintment with these new sensitive little cupcakes that mascarade as modern day footballers but now we have them acting as tools of their employers

Make no mistake this was not an act of players united against a greater evil - this was all about a team looking squarley at a limited and fast minishing premierhsip window and needing a rallying point

This is not about an individual that the players could not trust (could not trust give me a break - the last time I looked players need to be able to trust their team mates when they are on the field - they shouldn't give rats what others do away from the ground - despite their protestions to the contrary) this is all about a larger goal - creating a sacrificial lamb

There has been mentioned the Bulldogs team captain was concerned about what might be written about him (not the team just him and a few of his mates) and this upset the poor little Victorian football icon (read as ego)

Now we all understand that Aker has a big mouth but that does that deserve a sacking - let's just measure that against some indiscressions of current players shall we - did he rape someone NO, does he take drugs NO, does he ride down the road with people shooting guns off in the street NO, has he mistreated his wife and children (read as beat them up) NO, does he need a minder, because or many previous incidents of his making such as one of todays very prominent players whenever he goes out in public NO
There are many players withint the current AFL who people could not say definately NO to on the above charges still playing?

I would ask what has changed since his last so called indiscretion ('gay' comment) - answer nothing - the club imposed a penalty (rightly or wrongly) and he paid that price - 2 or 3 weeks passes by nothing further happens and they sack him for passing on team secrets - although they can't say what those secrets were

This sacked player (I am not a Brisbane or Dogs supporter) is probably one of the greatest players ever - certainly when you consider skills on both sides of his body he would have to rank in the greatets ever 2 or 3 and he is treated like a common criminal by his fellow players - what a disgrace

Mark my words this sad episode is nothing to do with a player betrayal of his fellow players it is all about the players betrayal of a single team mate - a further sad indictment of both modern football culture and today's leadership (Management stooges more like it) within the game

A sad day for mateship all round i would have thought and a stain on AFL team brand over substance

Thats '2' for the women of Australia

Some time ago I railed against the stupidity of women in their overprotectiveness of their sons and the great long term damage they were doing to both their sons and to future society.
Well guess what we are now staring down the barrel (nasty picture that creates " I have a loaded vote and I'm not afraid to use it") of another great own goal by these 'virtues of all things nice and pleasant and completely illogical'.

The own goal I am refering to is the completely illogical view by apparently the greater majority of women in our country to caste their votes for Julia Gillard (not the Labour party mind you - for Julia) - let's completely ignore the fact that this twat is one of the gang of four that ruled rough shod over the Labour party and every decision that it made (which now seem to be all the fault of Kevin) since elected

Let's ignore the fact that ever single thing they touched they have stuffed up (can anyone name one thing these bozos have got right?) - we can run through the list of Carbon (balls up), schools building program (cock up - aren't the Cathlic Schools laughing like hyenas now), insulation (absolute debacle - apologies it was worse than that - does any one care People Actually Died!!! for gods sake), the health car workers registration (who thought up that one?), the infrastructure spend fiasco (latest independant review quotes B$2+ wasted). the complete run off of the nation's surplus (where have we seen these spendaholics before i wonder - could it be every Labour government since the beginning of time) and the grand daddy of them all the Claytons immigration debate (talk about letting bleeding hearts drive the bus over a cliff -thats the debate we are having but are not allowed to have?)
So lets forget all about this stuff and vote for a women because she is women

One of the reasons why our country has some of the issues it has is the current propensity to ignore logic and skip down the pathway to 'Disneyland'

You know I must admit that some of Labour's ideas are worthy indeed it's just they have no idea of how to put the damn things in place (no real disrespect to our local fruit mongers but Labour government's have shown time and time again they couldn't manage a corner deli let alone a two tiered economy)

Now let's get back to 'boat people' - and lets not kid each other that's what they are - I hear all the bloody bleeding socialites on Channel 2 (ABC - and other channels to be fair) screaming to use other less neagtive names but lets face it all of you down there at Aunty's feed bin try selling some of the garbage you are spinning to Mr and Mrs elderly retired who cant get into hospital to ease their chronic pain or to Ms Jones who is a single mum with 2 kids and cant get some where safe to sleep at night (on that issue it is one of society's great disgraces that our government cannot fund sufficient law enforcement to adequately protect such people from fathers or ex partners who have aggression issues - in a just world these bastards should be taken out the back of the shed and dealt with - permanently) or to Mr and Mrs Stressed out with a disabled child and no government assistance

The list goes on and on and on - no comment from the bleeding hearts about existing Australians who are suffering who could greatly use the hundreds of millions of dollars that our government is spending on these interlopers (nope they dont mention the costs they only mention the so called minimal numners of people) - now I understand that in many cases the lives of those overseas can be tragic but life is tragic, life can be tough, life is what life is - IT IS NOT DISNEYLAND that we live in - someone has to pay for this stuff - not just the dollar cost but the emotional and real cost to underprivilaged AUSTRALIANS (that's those that are already here by the way)

How much did it cost to bring those families recently into country WA and not only feed them and cloth them and entertain them but also to completely uniform and school their children - not half measures there mind you - new unforms books and three new classrooms - having a child in a state primary school at the moment where due to a lack of funds they have impliment split classes and 2 classes in the same room and parent shave to have fund raising night to fund electronic white boards! I am thinking perhaps our local teachers may have something to say about where the funds might be better spent!

So go ahead you women of Australia stuff this one up too* and in 6/9 months time when 'Gillard's government have stuffed it up again I will comeback again to remind you of your great stupidity again
* I was here going to acknowledge all the great things that they add to our society but that's sounds pretty patronising so I leave it at that

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's good in this world
Lots of things, Trees (put your hand on a big tree and you can feel the earth breathing), a good steak, red wine, a child's giggle (girl), my teams winning (sorry am not a good loser - you may have guessed), a blue sky with 'The Simpsons' clouds (always wanted to be able to paint that), my wifes patience (mystical), when the good guys win (movie, book doesn't matter), portraits (geez some people have talent), Mowtown and Michael Jackson (music only - the rest is a bit weird), The Beatles (of course), mum's triffle, mother inlaws seasoned yorkshore pudding, Quairading, charitable people, Singapore (love Singapore), Scarborough Beach, memories that make you smile (I like those a lot)

Modern Mothers

Can I be bothered to comment on the 2nd worst disease within our society – Women – yep I can.

Now before half of you (read that as probably 2/3rds being the obvious half plus those males out there who perhaps are the real root cause of many issues about to be written about after having been ‘spoken’ to by their female partners) go off the deep end (and frankly I don’t give a rats) it’s not perhaps best defined as ‘Women’ who are the problem – it’s probably better defined as ‘Women who let their maternal instinct over ride any remotely concerning logic and reality’

Now I’ve done it – opened the door to whole hordes of females shouting sexist pig etc etc – well ladies listen up

One of the causes of the problems of this world is there is too much talking and discussing and not enough doing (could give you 50 examples if you have time – probably after you have cooked dinner – sorry couldn’t resist that) and let’s face it which of the two sexes is more (read as all) about talking things out, no smacking (Jesus you can get convicted of assault for holding someone’s arm these days) no physical options whatever, the formation of committee and reviews royal commission are all women’s doing – a good way to defer doing what we all know has to be done.

Has anyone else noted the inclusion into our society of metro sexual, mum’s making their boys were helmets playing cricket – not batting mind you no no no, in the field for god sake – speaking of helmets there are a bunch of mothers in Victoria (the supposed home of the greatest game on the planet) who won’t let their little ‘Johnnies’ play football (not soccer for god sake – geez don’t those guys fall down like 10 pins when someone taps them on the ankle) without a helmet on – no previous injuries, no previous incidents, just ‘coz’ – just in case Johnny might get hurt – never let the fact that some hundreds of thousands of boys (and regretfully girls) play the game every year and about 3 of them get hurt ( I think 2 had bruised toes and one ran into a goal post – his parents are suing the goal post manufacturing company for assault)

What’s the problem with that some of you out there with nominal intelligence may say – well for those of you who can’t read the “Claude Neons’ what we are creating is mob of sickly individuals who will never be tested, never be challenged, never be put upon to stand up either for the right thing or their mates – bloody Un-Australian it is (some would say bloody ‘un K Rudd like’ ay cobber mate – stone the flipping crows – Jesus what a twat that guy is – the sad thing if he stopped all the bullshit and just got on with the job he might just do a half go of it – on that subject he does need to get rid of the token female deputy PM – we cannot ever have a PM who looks a bit like a ferret peering out of a hole)

Don’t you realise that boys today have more girl friends that they do mates – always discussing things, advising them about their love life for god’s sake, gossiping with them and the worst sitting amongst them carrying on 5 different conversation at once – you may have wanted a girl in the first place but that’s no excuse – this country doesn’t need nice boys for future leaders – what our country needs is leaders not committee chairman and certainly not the level of quality we currently have – if I am so wrong why is every state a financial and ethical and moral basket case, why are our sons and daughters for that matter getting blind drunk every week, why is it there is no respect either for parents or authority or general consideration of others, why is violence growing in every state, why are drugs getting out of hand – it is because there are no ramifications for our actions, there is no fear of consequences, no fear of anything really, there are no rules, no penalties, no rights for victims and every possible escape clause under the sun for those who transgress

Now to be honest i don’t give a flying rats arse whether it is men or women who deliver us from the festering sore that is growing daily in our midst but I would be happy to bet is more likely to be some one who stands up in front of the Australian people and says – I think we should do it this way, and no that is unacceptable and this is the way we want our society to behave and if you don’t like don’t vote for me and historically speaking that is more likely to be a man.

So here it is mothers of Australia: loosen up the reins on our sons – let them get out and climb a tree, swing on ropes into a river, build a go cart (without a 3 tiered brake back up plan and air bags front and rear), wrestle with his mates (preferably not in ‘Jello’) and generally be a boy (break an arm if they must) – not the emaciated excuses for the male gender that we are creating now